Height: 12"
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Body: 100% latex
Filled with: Non-toxic maltose
Ages 3+


Perfect ready-to-go hair and teeth
Tailored blue suit and 'yuge' red tie
Glowing, orange skin
Normal size hands
Head rotates 45° left to right, to maintain signature "unnecessary aggressive" look

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( 2 Batteries )  ( 19' Tires )

Not Affiliated with Any Political Party...Sold Entirely as a Novelty Toy Item.  No Political party that we are aware of Benefits from these Dolls, they were made by a Private Manufacturer who has no Affiliation with any Political aspects that we are aware of. 

The Robin M1 Electric Scooter weighs only 40 lbs and easily fits into any Car or Trunk, and is a very Dependable and Durable little Personal Transporter.
Perfect Kids Segway


Donald Trump Stretch the Truth Action Figure Doll

Only $2399.00

State of the Art Segway Style Personal Electric Transporters

​without the Segway Cost or Segway Price

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​         $2598.00

( 72v Lithion Ion Battery )

Robo OB-2



Robin M1 Personal Transporter 

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Updated Robo Z1-D Personal

Electric  Transporter.  The New Z1-D

has been Upgraded with 2 speeds 

and a Remote Control ( 6 Colors )

Our Commitment is to offer the Best Segway Alternative Personal Transporters without the Segway Cost or Segway Price.  Our Personal Transporters are just as Dependable and Reliable as the expensive segways for sale.

Our Personal Transporters are not cheap knock offs of the Expensive Segways for sale, but Rather Good, Reliable, Dependable and affordable personal transportation Alternatives.


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Here at Roboscooters our Goal is to Show the World our Excellent line of Segway Alternative Personal Transporters. 


We offer the Best Segway Alternative Stand On Personal Transporters Available on the Market today without the Segway

Cost or Segway price. 

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We offer Many Styles and Types of Personal Electric Transporter Scooters at Roboscooters, Not only for Healthy Kids and Adults but for those who may be physically challenged.

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Z1-D Plus Personal Transporters

The OB-4 Golf PT comes with a Golf Rack and Seat, it's the Perfect Electric Scooter for Golfing or for Certain ​Disabilities. 


OB-4 Golf PT Electric Scooter with Adjustable Seat

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Segway X2 Alternative

Z1-D Ultra

Our Transporters are NOT Made By Segway,

All of our Electric Scooter Transporters are Segway Style Alternatives to the Segways For Sale.

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4000 Watts Z1-d Plus

Heavy Duty Axles

Lower Center of Gravity

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Meet the world’s most ironic, anti-stress toy and collectible action figure. Stretch him. Squeeze him. Twist him. Tie him in a knot! The Trump Doll comes in hilarious molded packaging making it a unique collectible, political gag gift, or stress relief toy; for occasions where smiles are in order.


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Imoving Electic WheelChair Transformer Scooter Chair ( 3 different functions )


21" Tires

Blue Tooth Speakers and USB Charging Port

         (  Waterproof Rating of IP54  )