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Free USA Shipping

Unboxing the Segway Style A3 Personal Transporter


Free USA Shipping

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The A3 Personal Transporters take around 3 -5 Business days to get a tracking number and then they are usually delivered in around 3-5 Days by dhl or fedex express.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns  before ordering as we are here Before, During and After your purchase.  ( Delivery will be much quicker from the usa stock...Limited Supply )

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Samsung/Panasonic Stronger driving force, more rapid acceleration
Re-chargeable for 1800 times, 3.8 times longer battery lifespan, 2.9 times longer working
life, uninflammable and nonexplosive
A3 Illustration

Major Materials
Magnesium Alloy+Aluminium Alloy+Lexan PC
Look & Style
Matte Silver+ Porcelain White+Graceful Orange
Height: 1134mm or 44.6"
Length: 720mm or 28.3"
Width: 438mm or 17.2"
Weight: 34kg or 75lbs
Tire Size: 16"
Suitable Height
Max. Load 264 lbs
120kg or 264 lbs
Platform Height
247mm or 9.7"
Max. Climbing Angel
About 15° (Riders weighing 60kg get up to 18°)
Max. Speed
About 16km/h or 10 mph(Adjustable)
Battery Capacity
Working Temperature
best at 20~30°C
Charge Time
520Wh: about 3 hrs
Charge Voltage
AC220V 50-60Hz
Display Panel
Battery/Mileage/Speed/Interior Temperature/Headlights Indication
2*rear turn lights
1*LED brake light



The latest maglev technology applied in motor enables a non-bearing and non-radial load design so that a wearing part is omitted. In other words, the motor is more durable.


To safeguard your every riding

Speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilting protection, safety protection, beep
alert to minimize the risk of potential injury caused by improper use
To avoid falling over caused by speeding, Airwheel sets the rated riding speed to 12km/h. Once exceeding the rated speed, the front end of the pedal will start to rise gradually to prevent further acceleration. When the speed reaches 16km/h, the pedal can rise to an angle of 10 degrees in which the rider can hardly lean forward to make acceleration.
When the battery level lowers to 15%, the buzzer will beep while the front end of each pedal will start to rise to force you to decelerate till stop. At this moment, please do not try to ride again so as to avoid falling over when the battery dies out.
When the tilting angle of the vehicle is more than 45 degrees, e.g. when Airwheel turns over, the tilting protection will be activated and the motor will stall immediately to prevent injuries.
When the power level falls lower than 15%, all four LED lights will blink and the buzzer will beep. When the tilting protection is activated, the buzzer will launch long beeps and the LED indicator on the power button will flash continuously.

The Airwheel A3 Works Much Like a Segway does off Of Balance

                 ((( Only you can Sit and it's easier to Operate )))