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Mini Segway Style Electric Scooter, Good for Kids and Certain Slightly Disabled People 

Robin M2 PT

Inmotion SCV R1 EX

Our Personal Electric Scooters are Designed to Work off of the Same Principal of Balance as the the More Expensive Segways for Sale that are offered on the Market Today.  Our Segway Alternatives are NOT SEGWAYS or Affiliated with the Segway Brand in any Way. Our Personal Transporters are Just As Dependable and Durable as the more Expensive Personal Electric Transporter Scooters and come with all the Safety Systems,  Certificates and a One Year Warranty. 

Robin M2 Personal Electric Scooter

Ninebot Personal Transporter

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ZL-03ir Update Personal Electric Scooter

Robo Z1-d Personal Transporter

None Of Our Transporters are Made By Segway

OB-1 Personal Electric Transporter

OB-2 Personal Electric Transporter

                What is a Segway Or Segway Alternative

                                 How does it Operate

Our Segway Style Transporters work just like Segways do off of Balance.  A Segway or Personal Balancing Stand on Transporter both work by sensors detecting your weight distribution when you step up on an elevated platform that has sensors under the foot pedals mounted on top of gyroscopes connected to computer chips, a Mother Board and sophisticated computer technology. 

When you want to go forward on a segway type electric scooter, you lean your weight forward,  kinda put your balance on your toes like you are going to tip over forward.   When you want to go backward or slow down or stop you simply lean your weight back on your heals. ( There are no brakes per say ) 

The Sensors mounted on the gyroscopes sense which way your are leaning your weight, either forward or backward,  and that is the way you go.  To turn on a Personal Balancing Segway Type Transporter you simply turn the turning shaft left or either right.

A Segway, Segway Alternative or any Personal Balancing Personal Transporter does require some degree of learning before you can safely operate them.  It is always recommended that you have a spotter if you have never been on a Balancing Type personal Transporter.  There is nothing hard about riding them, but you do have to be able to step up unassisted on an elevated platform and keep your balance. ( All While Maintaining your Balance )   ( This puts allot of potential customers in questionable doubt as to weather they can ride them or not if they have certain Disabilities. ) 

Please Feel Free to contact us About Your Personal Transportation Needs if you are unsure if a Transporter is right for you,  or are unsure about riding them or just have questions and concerns in General. 

We here at Roboscooters pride ourselves on Outstanding Customer Service.  We offer the Best Customer Service in the Industry,  as you will see if you do Business with us,  as we treat everybody the way we want to be treated and Only Offer The Best Quality Personal Electric Transporter Scooters on the Market Available onto our Site. ( We do not Offer Junk and there is Junk out there )

If you are interested in one of our electric Scooter segway type transporters and would like to know more information, please do not hesitate to call or email. 

You will find Regular everyday folks who will listen to your Concerns, Needs and wants and will give you and Honest Opinion and/or help you Decide which Transporter may be best suited for you and your Particular Needs.

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