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Below we have the HB-15 Personal Electric Transporter.  The HB-15 Personal Transporter operates just like a ninebot segway does off of Balance and weights around 52 lbs.  We only have a very limited Supply in Stock and are not sure if we will be able to get any more after they are gone due to the Segway Ninebot Deal.  No one can import any transporters into the usa without a segway license anymore due to Legal Patent Issues, so when the few we have are gone they are gone.  


Free USA Shipping

Weighs less than 52 lbs

Type Tire: 15 inch Pneumatic Tires

Max speed: 18km/h or almost 12 mph

Max range per charge: 14km or about 8.5 miles

Charge time: 90 minutes

Battery voltage: 60V 8.8Ah

Charge Voltage: 110V

Power: 350W X 2

Max carrying capacity: 120kg or 264 lbs.

HB-15 Personal Electric Transporter 


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We've dealt with Segway, ninebot, and the Internation Trade Commission over the last year or so and are the only ones they could not come to terms with in the suit.  Roboscooters has been around for going on almost 4 years now Serving and helping people save tons of money on Personal Transporters they might not of otherwise known about , Click the Link Below and you can read just one of the many many articles where we are mentioned. 

Email us at for the payment request, we are not legally allowed to sell without a deal with ninebot segway, but we can connect the dots with the folks who already have them over here who were not mentioned .   Over the last 4 years Roboscooters has gained many connections who still have stock over here in the usa and want us to help them out a bit.   These are connections we have known for years and have dealt with on many occassions.   

When you order the HB-15 Segway Transporter we get you a tracking number either that day or the next and then they are delivered by UPS delivery in 3- 4 days usually, depending on where we are shipping to. 

When you are ready to order send your email to or and mention that you want a payment request for the HB-15 Electric Scooter,  and we will send a payment request to you from our processor.

                                    ​​Only Black and White Available!!  

After you have completed check out please send a copy of the payment to and we will confirm your shipping address and color choice.   

We usually have a tracking number in 3-5 Business Days then they are delivered in about a week of your tracking number.  ( One Year Limited Warranty )