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Robo Z1-D Only $2299.00

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                     InMotion SCV R1 Only $2299.00


Colors: White, Black, Red, Silver, Yellow, & Blue.....ONLY WHITE, RED AND YELLOW AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT
The size of the Inmotion SCV R1 is 13.3" wide" X 19.2" Deep X 41.3" - 56.6" high ( Adjustable ). The Segway style inmotion SCV r1 EX personal transporer will run around 9 mph, will go 12- 18 miles on a full charge, weights a staggering 35 lbs compared to the robin m1 robsteps 40 lbs, has Gps function, talks and lights up and has a Brilliant and Sexy sleek new design with led lights throughout the transporter. The Steering rod on the Inmotion SCV R1 is also easily removable for transportation or storage.
The inmoton scv r1 is not a Cheap Electic Scooter, the Inmotion SCV has many advanced safety features, with a sexy new sleek design, led lights, and a true smart remote control with 20 functions. ( Contact us for a very detailed FREE pdf Bruchure ) The Inmotion SCV R1 has very eye catching Led lights throughout the design that light up and flash. The inmotion SCV R1 EX also has a unique voice function that can speak and flash the led lights to remind you to slow down or when using a function of the Inmotion SCV R1. The inmotion r1 remote control function will work with any android powered phone or tablet.
Introducing the all New Mini Segway Style Alternative Inmotion SCV R1 Mini Segway Style Personal Electic Scooter Transporter and the Robo Z1-D Personal Transporter. The Inmotion and the Robo Z1-D are not made by Segway or affiliated with them in any way. While The inmotion SCV R1 personal transporter and the z1-d are not made by the segway corporation, they work the same way and are just as Safe, Durable and Dependable as a Segway. ( Below we have a few details about the Inmotion SCV, For more info on the Z1-D and specs click the picture above )




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