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The MX-1 Chopper Motorcycle Electric Scooter will run about 28 MPH, has a weight capacity of 340 lbs, will travel around 30 - 37 Miles on a full charge, has a 13" rear tire and 12" front tire, Disc brakes, front and rear shock suspension, turn signals, brake lights, Head Lamp, Horn,  Speedometer and Mirrors.

The Battery is Lithium 1 X 30Ah, 60v.  The Dimensions are 75.2" Long, X 15.3" Wide X 30.3" Tall, The gross weight with packaging is 180 lbs, Net Weight is 158 lbs. 

The MX-1 Chopper Motorcycle is made of Aluminum Alloy and has DOT Certificate

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MX-1 Electric Chopper Motorcycle Scooter

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Massive 3000 Watts of Power


Ships out of our LA Warehouse in CA in under 5 Business Days Usually.  Delivery will be via Fedex or UPS Ground.  Complete Delivery takes about a week and a half.  We will provide a tracking number within a few days of ordering, usually 24 -48 hours after ordering.