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23.4 inches

27.5 inches.


Material Robust Aluminum Alloy, Cast-Iron Inner Parts

Max Speed 12,5* MPH

Endurance 15,5* Miles

Battery LG Lithium Ion Battery

Grade Ability 15°

Output Power 600W Twin Motor (1200W)

Max Load 220 lbs

Charging Time 3-hour

Tire Size 12” Racing Type Cushion Tires

Tire Life 3 years

Weight 37 lbs

Dimensions 17,6 in 15,1 in 27,4 in (Lowered) 

23,4 in 22,5 in 45,9 in (Extended)

Box Size 35 in 18 in 18 in

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                               Lots of Extreme Power

The ProBOT Roboscooter offers you 1200W of energy delivered from two separate 600W motors, the power flows to the wheels individually and increases its thrust power with a high torque.

The ProBOT Roboscooters has a high speed microprocessor that provides dynamic stability and prevents the user from falling with an advanced automatic balance system.

It’s designed to be the best commuter ever created and the most intelligent robot traveler

17.6 inches

Electric Scooters for kids and Adults


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About 46 inches or just shy of 4 feet

22.6 inches

Unleash The Awesome Power

Japanese mastermind differential gear and independent turbo twin motors of the Probot Roboscooter give 1200W of power to its special design racing tires and reaches 12,5* mph with a 220 lbs max load. Two independent 600W motors provide individual power for the wheels and maximize the cornering ability of the ProBOT Roboscooter with a unique design approach.

Maximum speed is limited to 12.5 mph for some countries due to traffic regulations.

First of Its Kind

Ultimate design with ultimate efforts brings out ultimate beauty. ProBOT’s dual use allows you to change modes between sitting and standing. While Both sitting and standing, you will feel the 1200W of power flowing inside this unique high technology Personal Electric Transporter.

The Probot Roboscooter is the new vision for the future of personal transportation.

We consider every possibility to bring out the potential of future transportation. With this approach, ProBOT is created as a role model for future personal transporters. The Probot Roboscooter is A personal intelligent robot transporter with a remarkable design and high powered turbo twin motors.

Ride The Potential... Ride The Future

 ProBOT’s 12’’ wheels are placed with a negative camber angle and twin motors are placed below wheels’ connection points to acquire a low ground clearance and more ground control. Negative camber angle provides an increased cornering ability, a complete contact of wheels with the road and ‘’0’’ turning radius. To prevent the tire wear Airbike ProBOT is equipped with specially designed racing type cushion tires..

Very Sleek and Sexy

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